Saturday, August 14, 2010

Things I teach

Lucky I can't teach BLOGGING cause I keep getting it wrong. Most things in the photos from my previous posts are what I teach. So I will start again more slowly. The first one is my 9 patch lesson.

The 9 Patch Lesson.
This lesson includes many things to get you going in patchwork. First is drafting a block, any size, even tips on designing. Then rotary cutting the right way. Sewing a perfect quarter inch seam. Matching points without pins. Adding a border. Binding, Rod pockets and labels.

More of the same

Pandora's Box
This box was a challenge from ATASTA (Australia's Textile Art Group) QLD. It received a judges comendation.

Pandora opened the box and allowed the evils to escape but hope lay in the bottom of the box.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A little history

I should have built this blog a long time ago. I would like to show some of my work as well as the types of things I teach. Some of this stuff spans a time frame of 20 years but does not look dated because what I did back then is now in fashion. Catagories will include Kaliedoscopes, Jackets, Bags, Classes, Longarm and Textile Art.